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The environmental t-shirt is designed for environmental activists dedicating their life to raising awareness of global warming. Shop our t-shirt with a design to address environmental awareness. It is a perfect gift for activists to make a difference in this world.

Product features


We remember that even small things in our business can be a huge impact on nature. To protect nature, we focus on developing sustainable materials and processes from production and sales.


We support charities related to human rights, animal protection, climate change, women's rights, etc by donating 10% of our profit yearly.


Stop wearing t shirts with meaningless slogans and graphics. The purpose of PROPEL's every t shirt is not to fight but inspire other people to act on social issues and stand for justice.

About us

PROPEL respect and honor every activist who is working towards creating a better community. With the availability of our activist t shirts, we aim to inspire more people to change the world through their hard work, dedication, and determination. We believe that all can be activists - after all, it doesn't take much to make a change! 

By recognizing activists and honoring their commitment to making a difference, we want to increase their influence tenfold. Through this simple yet effective gesture of supplying inspiring t shirts, we hope that the community they strive to improve will rise together in a unified effort of doing better in order to bring good into society.