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Climate change, animal cruelty, war, etc

These problems made me dream of a world where innocent lives do not suffer. I wanted a fundamental solution, not just a stopgap measure like volunteer work or violent protest.
But there was a problem. I was just an ordinary person. I didn't have the power or money to shoot the rocket to Mars.
So I tried to ignore the ugly side of the world by making excuses like others; "I have no money and time. I'm not altruistic."

But it failed. A funny thing about this world is that many people are as inspiring as discouraging.

It doesn't matter to them whether they are superior or not. They don't even care if their actions would solve the problem. They only act because it is what a human being should do. They constantly speak out about the issues of the world. It was impossible to stay still after watching them.
So I decided to start with the small thing I could do, making products that spread messages that naturally inspire people like you so that you can inspire others to change the world.
And that was the beginning of PROPEL.

Harry Son | Founder

Our Mission

"Anyone Can Be an Inspiration"

We believe that any ordinary person has the potential to change the world into a better place. So we aim to inspire you to wake up your potential so that you can inspire others. As a result, we think we can bring a fundamental change to the world.

What We Do


We concentrate on making products that are not only good for public interest but stylish


We study the most efficient ways to impact society rather than force our thoughts


We minimize the side effects of our actions on the environment


361, Buljeong-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

South Korea

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