Our Promise

There can't be enough efforts toward sustainability and ethic.
PROPEL always think and act about the best way to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize positive impact. The content below is not the end but the beginning of our journey to sustainability.

Plant-based t-shirt

Used 100% US cotton sustainably grown and ethically harvested

No overproduction

The final product is made when you buy the product

Printed with earth-friendly ink

Water-based inks such as NeoPigment ink used for printing

Green Energy

44% of energy for the t-shirt production is made by biomass energy systems

WRAP certified manufacturers

T-shirts are ethically produced by WRAP-certified factories


The wastewater from t-shirt production is purified until it's virtually dye and chemical-free

No Overproduction

Overproduction is one of the problems of fast fashion. Because of this, PROPEL makes every product after your order is received. It is possible through the Print on Demand system. When you order your product, our affiliate prints our design to the material and sends it to you.

Sustainable Materials

In our quest to protect the ecosystem, we are mindful of choosing ingredients. We use sustainable materials like organic cotton or vegan-friendly ink certified by environmental organizations for its ecofriendliness.

Sustainable Process

During the production of t-shirts, 44% of the required energy is from sustainable biomass energy systems. Furthermore, the wastewater generated from the production process undergoes treatment to ensure free from chemicals.

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Reach out to to us to learn more about our efforts toward making our business sustainable.